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What is a Retainer?

A retainer can be a monthly service for your SEO campaign.  You will need to keep content fresh and continually integrate your product/keywords on  a monthly basis.   You will want to review competitor websites, blogs, and any online generated content.

Most of my time goes to studying a competitor and there practice.

The most important strategy in SEO, according to me, is GIVING YOUR USERS A GREAT USER EXPERIENCE.  Google, led my Matt Cutts [seo guru], states the most important aspect in ordering web pages is a relevant user experience.

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How Much is SEO?

So you want to know how much is SEO in today’s market?  The numbers are dramatically different with the watering down by off shore SEO companies.   It is also very important YOU ask MANY questions pertaining to your campaign.  
  • $2,750.00- Webpage in WP [wordpress], SEO Included, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter pages.  This is my average site total, larger, deeper sites requiring more time, can reach 3,500+.  I HAVE NO HIDDEN COSTS.
  • $750.00- Onpage SEO on existing site, Facebook, WordPress, Youtube pages.
  • Negotiable – Monthly Retainer/Upkeep. What is a Retainer?

  • $85.00.00 – Hourly Consulting. If you just need to pick a brain, I can do that hourly.
  • $750.00 – Learn SEO in a Day.  Can be spread over TWO days if needed.

  • I Do It All / I Do Not Outsource

    Competitor analysis, the webpage, optimize, maintain, social marketing including video’s/images and everything else to establish a web presense for your business. Each client has different competitors and each client has different needs per site. The majority of my time on client goals, go to studying the competitors completely and the markets they are in. I believe “on page” & “off page” SEO requires different avenues for each client.

    The bottom line, get each and every client to the first page of Google and do it properly allowing a rich user experience.

  • Monthly retainer? $400.00 [on average but negotiable] If you land at #5 and slip to #12, you will want to update content, links, and value to get your rank back. Constant page/blog updating is essential and I study your competitors so you don’t have to.


SEO is a Business Expense

Talk with your tax adviser in your state and verify SEO as a business expense.   SEO isn’t just a write off, it is an investment for today and tomorrow.

SEO – Expense or Investment?

As a business owner there are many things that we have to pay for and many times it seems that we have more expenses than we have income. However, there are some things that we should look at more as an “investment” than as an additional expense. These things allow us to grow and increase our business and therefore are worth investing our money in and utilizing.

One of these things is SEO, or search engine optimization. Though for us as business owners it may seem like a deep dark hole which we are throwing our money down, in reality it is very worth the pain of the investment.

SEO, though sometimes costly, has an additional benefit that other business expenses do not. Take for example your monthly expense for a cleaning service. You pay for the cleaning services, then your office gets dirty again and you have to pay someone again to be have it cleaned again.

Unlike cleaning services, search engine optimization can be paid for once and utilized and benefited from for a long time in the future. It has what is known as “long term results.” Therefore, it can be said to be an “investment” rather than just an expense.

As a business owner, you have to do away with short term thinking, and replace it with long-term thinking helping you to realize the long-term investment you are making by putting search engine optimization into practice in your business.

When you obtain the proper keywords to use in your article marketing you write a dozen search engine optimized articles, submit them to a half dozen article directories and sit back and watch those articles be picked up by others and utilized and published all over the web and possible even in print publications for not just days, weeks or months to come, but even years down the road. These articles being used on various websites and blogs, in online and offline newsletters and other publications all contain your biographical information as well as a link or url back to your website where others will be pointed back to you over and over.

This shows that the initial investment to obtain the proper search engine optimized keywords was definitely worth your initial investment as traffic is continually pointed to your website for years down the road.

An expense only pays off in the short term, but an investment pays off in the long term, continually adding benefit to you and your business. Make investments such as search engine optimization a priority in your business and you will see results in your business for the long term.

Make the mistake of thinking that search engine optimization is just another expense and one that you might can do without and you will soon realize what you are missing out on and the ability that it could give you. You will likely be looking into it again in the future as it will continue to come up as a possible way to help you and your business succeed in the future. Search engine optimizing is a smart move and one that you will likely be reminded of again and again.

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Can I SEO Myself?

Can I SEO my site by myself?   Yes. You can learn for free from the internet and risk time, page rank, getting banned or you can learn the proper way the first time. It can be tedious and risky by yourself, but if you do, you better do it right and you better do it White Hat.

What is Black Hat SEO?  Be very careful not to fall into this crowd.

Need more info?  Google: “matt cutts seo” .

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